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  • Vicki McKenzie

Are you considering re-branding your business?


​ Businesses today can’t afford to rely on the past, keep up with economic and market changes and make sure your brand keeps pace!


There are 4 predominant reasons to re-brand your business;

1. Gain competitive advantage and refresh your business and customer relationships. Your business needs to change in order to maintain a competitive edge. Re-branding is one way to reflect the current market situation and gain a little competitive edge. Revising your brand and your message may help to revitalise your market and increase your sales performance, especially if you create excitement in the process and generate consumer confidence around your new and improved brand.

2. Stimulate growth with a positive impact on your current and prospective customers. Everywhere we look today we are exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day, we can cut through the a clutter and attract attention to your products or organisation with a re-brand. People generally pay more attention to something they haven’t seen or heard before. Increase the impact of your business with a re-brand and in the process you may also reduce costs and increase profitability.

3. Long-term market expansion, adjust and revitalise your company. When we start out with a brand that reflects our initial goals as a small, flexible business with a unique product, we often forget what the customer sees. As business grows, we often need to adjust and adapt to changes in business, as well as our brand to better reflect market presence and become more sophisticated. Expand your market by positioning yourself to attract attention in a larger field with a new look.

4. Showcase innovation within your company. Constant changes in technology demand your products and services change also. Re-branding is a natural way to showcase innovation within your company. A timely well executed re-brand can build excitement within your organisation and within your market. Just as a company brand reflects changes in size and market position, it can also reflect changes in innovation and technology. A carefully designed brand captures the imagination of the public, excitement of your employees and can position your organisation as an innovative leader in your market.



A successful re-brand is more than just a new logo or ad campaign, it needs a a fresh new look, complete with logo, website, and a positive outlook for the future. Create vision that flows into your marketing messages and out to your customers and new markets.

Gather all of your team, collateral and material, take an honest look at yourself and your business with an open mind, be critical and accept feedback - make it work for you


Re-branding starts at the top, engage leadership from the CEO, through the entire management structure,

rally your entire team, make it visual and memorable. Everyone needs be on board to drive the revised brand promise. Every employee in your organisation needs to understand the new message and embrace it, work with them to activate the new message in a way that is interesting, engaging and fun.

Re-branding is not an overnight process, even with 6 to 18 months, when done well it is still dependent on the size and structure of your business. Engage all staff and stakeholders during this time, something as small as a screensaver or sign in the office can ensure the new brand image is at the forefront of everyone’s thinking, get in early and let them help you determine product positioning and fine tune your brand message. Make sure you stay engaged with all of your team, use their reactions to determine if it's working. You may need to make adjustments. If your employees believe in the new brand, embrace it and are able to engage others outside your company, you’re heading in the right direction.


Provide your customers with a re-brand that is worth looking forward to, build hype around the relaunch

through your staff and website. Generate interest by rallying your current brand enthusiasts via social

media outlets, a great way to create excitement. It’s where people go to connect with your business, and

where changes are most likely to be welcomed and shared. A good quality, engaging re-brand will only accelerate your company’s success.

Actively explore and embrace changes to your industry, utilising technology and services.

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