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Be curious always!!
For knowledge will not acquire you: you must acquire it.


A creative, hard-working and enthusiastic person I give my all to any role I take on and always give 100% commitment. My people and communication skills are born from an old fashioned work ethic, honest and trustworthy.


I am capable of managing people and worked tirelessly to ensure my knowledge is current and kept up to date, to ensure I possess the skills you require for me to do my job well. My background is in hospitality, tourism, events and retail management, marketing and project management. I would be more than open to learn and develop my industry knowledge and to adapt to the needs and requirements of your business. My knowledge base is broad, from both an operational and marketing perspective in business.


Having an imaginative mind, a keen eye for detail and very much a hands-on attitude, I am known for thinking outside the square and always open to new ideas. My ongoing interest in technology and computers has expanded over the years and I have developed extensive skills in many areas, picking up new programs and software easily.  I am very capable with most Adobe programs for both print and online publishing.


A keen interest in exploration and obtaining knowledge of the digital world has lead me to be capable of monitoring, maintaining and managing website content and social media sites such as Google+, Facebook and Instagram. My website capabilities include analytics, maintenance, increasing site traffic (SEO) and I have been involved in the training of other staff and managers to assist them in maintaining their online content and activities.


A keen kayaker and hiker, I am physically fit and possess the initiative, drive, energy and sociability required to fulfil any role I am designated.


Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and employment interests.


Sincerely - Vicki

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